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Advice for preparing Grant Proposals

Writing convincing ISF and ERC grants (2019) – Technion Workshop  

Prof. Debbie Lindell and Prof. Moshe Tennenholtz on the similarities, differences  and writing tips for ISF and ERC grants. 
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Video recordings can be found on this page

Technion Workshop (2019) – NIH

Prof. Nira Ben Jonathan [Video Recording] [Presentation file]; [About the Speaker]

Technion Workshop (2016)

Prof. Eric Akkermans, Prof. Ilan Marek, Prof. Oded Beja 

Technion Workshop (2011)

Prof. Ron Kimmel: [Video Recording] [Presentation file];
Prof. Israel Vlodavsky: [Video Recording]; [Presentation file]
Prof. Ilan Marek: [Video Recording]

Technion Workshop (2008)

Prof. Moti Segev:  Workshop_08  [Presentation file]



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© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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