מטרה T3

About T3

T3 is the commercialization arm of the Technion for all Technion generated technologies. T3’s mission is to cultivate Technion’s human capital and unparalleled wealth of knowledge, linking academy and industry to commercialize and democratize sustainable, high-impact technologies for the future.  

T3’s primary activities include licensing out of technologies and establishing start-up companies, collaborating with the industry, facilitating sponsored research, managing the Technion’s extensive patent portfolio and overseeing on-going investments placed.

T3’s reflection of the innovative strength of Israel’s top institute of technology is demonstrated in over 100 companies established based on the intellectual property generated at the Technion’s ecosystem. The Technion’s ability to generate innovations and products relies on its multi tiers diversified funding and investment channels geared to serve both vertically – from grass roots to maturation as well as horizontally – to varying technological fields.

The Technion’s investment vehicles include the DRIVE Accelerator, the Alfred Mann Institute-Technion and the Technion Investment Opportunity Fund. This investment matrix generates the required nurturing supporting environment that together provides the ability to invent, develop and commercialize.


© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation