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About the Technion Foundation

The Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd., a subsidiary of the Technion – the Israeli Institute of Technology, serves as a bridge between the large body of scientific and technological education accumulated at the Technion, and high-tech industries in Israel and around the world, who translate the research into advanced innovations that benefit humanity as a whole. 

The primary goal of the Technion Foundation is to manage research at the Technion, which covers multiple fields, among these managing legal aspects including intellectual property, financial management, handling human capital, and more. In addition, the Foundation is responsible for commercializing the Technion’s inventions and for leading collaborations between the scientific and business communities, to open a window of opportunity to advance science and engineering and make it applicable. 

We believe that the role of academia is to ensure that knowledge is expanded and established among Technion graduates and senior professional workers in various sectors of the job market. This is the purpose of the Continuing and External Studies Unit, which trains thousands of engineers, physicians, and workers in a broad variety of professions. This, through practical academic programs connected to the field and based on the Technion’s proven excellence. 


The Research Authority | The Research Authority acts to advance and organize research activity at the Technion by providing most of what researchers need to carry out their work. This, by searching for funding sources for new studies, developing research opportunities, and leading collaborations with academia and industry around the world in order to maximize opportunities for researchers. Alongside this, the Authority is responsible for managing research budgets, financial support, and more.

The Legal Department | The Legal Department of the Technion Foundation provides legal counsel in a broad variety of areas for faculty members, employees, and the various units. The Department is responsible for handling all legal issues arising from the intellectual property created by Technion researchers.


The Business Unit | The Business Unit is responsible for commercializing the technologies and patents originating from the Technion. The Unit accompanies the process from the research stage through patent registration, business development, and commercialization with the goal of leveraging the intellectual property assets developed at the Technion to create groundbreaking innovations accessible to all. Divide into two sentences. 

Its success stories include “Azilect,” the Parkinson’s drug developed in conjunction with Teva; Envision, which developed a facial recognition system and was purchased by Intel; Mazor, Sealantis, and more. 


Finance and Economics Department |The Finance and Economics Department constitutes the economic core connecting the units of the Foundation, the Technion, faculty members, and the authorities. The Department is responsible for recording and tracking vital financial information, and the policy of Foundation’s management and board of directors. 


The Continuing and External Studies Unit |This cross-Technion unit specializes in organizing and developing academic programs for graduates of institutes of higher education in the fields of science and engineering, as well as for senior professional workers in various managerial fields. The plans are developed in conjunction with the modern industrial and technological sectors, and are designed to ensure that training is provided that will secure the students’ place in the forefront of production and development in the Israeli economy.

The Unit has campuses in Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.


The Continuing Studies Unit | A cross-Technion unit designed to provide access to the Technion’s knowledge and provide a practical toolbox to students in the field of management and technology. The Unit specializes in organizing and developing academic programs for graduates of institutes of higher education in the fields of science and engineering, as well as for senior professional workers in various fields in Israel and around the world.
The academic programs, which are based on the Technion’s knowledge, are put together in conjunction with the industrial sector and in accordance with the most up-to-date trends in the academic world and the organizational environment. This is all for the benefit of training to secure graduates’ places at the forefront of the modern technological industrial sector. 


The Israeli Institute Of Metals  | The Institute works to advance technological and scientific technologies and leads the development and implementation of new technologies, advanced materials, and innovative manufacturing processes in the field of metals and other advanced materials. The Institute has four laboratories, each specialized in a field:  The Corrosion and Surface Treatments Lab, the Foundry and Advanced Processes Lab, the Metallurgy and Powders Technologies Lab, and the Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering Lab. The IIM holds one of the most advanced research centers in Israel, for additive manufacturing technologies of metals, ceramics and composite materials.


Human Resources Department |  The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting and supporting employees at the Technion Foundation. The Department acts to promote a culture of excellence in the organization, supports researchers to recruit a skilled and professional faculty, develops training programs, cares for employee welfare, and more. 

Since its establishment in the nineteen-fifties, the Technion Foundation has been a home to thousands of employees from various sectors and religions, male and female, Jews and Arabs. This occupational diversity derives from an understanding and belief that the workplace is just another step towards a more moral, diverse, and just society. 


© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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