Work-Related Accidents

Employees injured at work or on the way to work or on the way home from work shall be entitled to file a claim with the National Insurance.

To file a claim, you must do the following:

  1. Access the Safety Unit website and report the accident. 
  2. Login to the National Insurance website, download and fill in form “NI 250” (monetary undertaking), and have the Employee Relations section sign the form and then remit it to the medical agency who handled the accident (the Accidents Department at the HMO or hospital) and obtain the initial medical form for a work-related injury (sick leave days.)
  3. After receiving the initial medical form for a work-related injury, also download the “Claim for payment of injury pay and notice of a work-related injury – NI 211” form from the National Insurance website, attach the required documents, and forward to the Employee Relations section for further handling.
  4. For your request to be processed, the work-related accident must be addressed just after it happened. The maximum approved time for payment for a work-related accident is 90 days.
  5. From the 91st day, a claim for temporary disability must be filed with the National Insurance and/or a claim for inability to work from a pension fund/ executive insurance.

If the claim was approved by the National Insurance – the employee’s illness/ leave hours shall be credited accordingly and the employer shall receive funds directly from National Insurance.

If the accident was not approved as a work-related accident – the leave days shall be considered sick leave or vacation days, as applicable. In the event wages were paid which cannot be offset, employees shall be charged the excess wages.

The provisions above are a summary of the statutory provisions relating to the matter. In any case of a contradiction, the statutory provisions shall override.


© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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