Employee Relations Section

This section handles administrative employees employed under collective agreements.

The employee population is divided into a number of groups:

Temporary Employees – The population of employees arriving for short-term projects of up to one year (such as substituting maternity leave)

Administrative Grade Employees – Employees employed for a period exceeding a year with no academic education

Employees with Social Sciences and Humanities Grade – Engineers – Employees holding academic degrees

Employees with Engineering Grade – Employees holding an engineering degree


The section accompanies the employees throughout the entire period they are employed at the Technion Institute in the following fields:

Extending employment / employment budget / change of scope of employment / annual feedback / payroll updates / grade promotions / insurance and licensing rebates / exemption from tuition fee / dormitories supplement / end of employment / respectful work environment.


The Section also handles the following fields:

Maternity leave, unpaid leave, work accidents, support for employees in crisis, preparation for retirement workshops.


Add Michal Bar-Haim and Chen Segal Keinan’s email and telephone number.


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© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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