Contacting the Vehicle Management Unit

During work hours, you may contact the Vehicle Management and Traffic Safety Unit in one of the following ways:

  • Telephone numbers at the Vehicle Management Office – 04-8292830 / 04-8292149.
  • Fax – 04-8228245. 
  •  Unit email – auto@trdf.technion.ac.il

Outside of work hours and during emergencies, the Vehicle Management team can be contacted as follows: 

Itzik Kalterag – Transportation Safety Officer – 052-2414912.

Chaim Anava – Vehicle Service and Operation Coordinator – 052-4535341

Vehicle Management Unit address:

Senate Building, 1st Floor, Room 131. Technion Campus, Haifa.


© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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