Vehicles Unit


The vehicle department belonging to the Technion Institute is responsible for the management of the fleet of vehicles and safety in traffic of all the Technion’s units and as implied therefrom is authorized to operate, advise, monitor and control all the Technion’s vehicles and drivers thereof.   

The unit operating under the most stringent quality standards (leading quality – SLA), serves as a knowledge center and milestone in the decision-making process relating to the organization’s fleet of vehicles and use of the vehicles in compliance with the legislator’s provisions and organization’s procedures. 

The unit’s staff performs its roles while maintaining the Technion’s values and preserving its values of achievement and excellence – by regularly participating in training, certifications and preserving a high level of expertise and knowledge in the array of matters under its responsibility. 


It is important to mention that the vehicle department’s powers and responsibility derive by virtue of the authorization and statutory commitment in accordance with the provisions in the law – Traffic Regulations, Traffic Ordinance, Penal Code, Ministry of Transport Directives, labor laws, Ministry of Environment and the organization’s procedures. (For details relating to the provisions in the law as determined by the legislator regarding the matter – Traffic Bureau’s Regulations to operate a fleet of vehicles

All the administrative, financial and professional actions concerning organizational vehicles and/or the drivers thereof, including maintenance and licensing of vehicles, workshops, insurance claims, purchase and sale and/or any action vis-a-vis the relevant authorities are performed through the vehicle unit only. 


The vehicle department takes a preventative, proactive approach to safety implemented by risk management in the risk factor identification process, risk assessment, and risk control (RFI) to guarantee:

  • The safety of the ride and the vehicle.
  • Operation and costs savings.
  • Customer satisfaction. 


The department staff’s goal is to manage the fleet of vehicles and drivers thereof in accordance with the provisions in the law and the Technion’s policy. We deem the safety of the drivers of the Technion’s vehicles and use of these vehicles pursuant to the provisions in the law paramount.  The unit aspires to provide a quick, effective, and accessible service to all employees while maintaining the Technion Institute’s guiding principles of excellence. 


© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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