Information System Unit


The Information systems and computing unit is responsible for providing efficient and user-friendly computing and information systems services for business processes and services for a variety of units and activities at the Technion Institute, including guaranteeing work continuity in routine and emergency situations alike, also including making the organizational computing systems accessible under variable and diverse conditions. This, further to the perception that the computing systems and the knowledge are vital tools in the organization, for the achievements of its employees and business partners. 


The information systems and computing unit is responsible for many tasks, the majority of which are supporting and improving the efficiency of the work. The unit operates through comprehensive vision and continually aspiring to create optimal conditions to advance the Technion Institute’s values, led by the following achievements:

  • Computing initiation and improving efficiency of business and administrative processes.
  • Definition of computing processes.
  • Supporting users of the information systems.
  • Management of the Technion Institute’s independent computing infrastructures.
  • Technical Support for users and work stations.
  •  Information Security.
  • Coordinating with the computing division at the Technion. 
  • Coordinating with the Technion’s units and the Technion Institute.
  • Outlining policy and computing procedures at the Technion Institute.
  • Hardware and software procurement.


Information Systems and Computing Unit – Goals and Vision

The unit’s activity is guided by striving to achieve excellence values based on building, preserving, maintaining and upgrading knowledge and computing bodies necessary for the organization’s employees. 

We aspire to do so by optimizing the computing work space:

  • Work continuity at all the Technion Institute’s units in all situations including transitioning from routine to emergency situations.
  • Promoting, streamlining, and consolidating computing solutions and support for organizational processes.
  • Support and optimal service for users.
  • Implementing the Technion’s procedures, supervision and execution of regulations in the computing and information security field.


© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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