unpaid vacation

Employees requesting unpaid leave due to a lack of research budget or for personal reasons must do the following:

  1. Contact their superior to obtain his/her written consent.
  2. After the superior approves the request, employees shall submit the application on an “Unpaid Leave Application” form to the Human Resources Department.
  3. After the application is approved, a suitable letter shall be remitted to the employee containing instructions to follow during the unpaid leave period (maintaining terms in the pension fund, health insurance, risk insurance etc.)

Unpaid leave is not considered a work period including for the purpose of rights depending on seniority, such as calculating compensation, the period of time for a wage promotion, seniority for vacation, convalescent pay, and the like.

Employees whose unpaid leave application was approved shall be requested to organize their rights vis-a-vis the National Insurance Institute, pension fund, risk life insurance, and health insurance, insofar as applicable.

Information may find to of interest: 

(Link to unpaid leave application form)


© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
© All rights reserved to Technion R&D Foundation
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